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tv   [untitled]    March 5, 2011 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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good to have you with us is live from moscow this is top stories now fresh battles erupts in libya as colonel gadhafi pushes ahead to regain power in the country locals fear foreign forces will intervene but with a sinister agenda meanwhile british troops are on standby and u.s. forces a gathering across the mediterranean. mixed emotions in egypt some celebrate their newfound freedom while others remain on the streets demanding more but that ongoing fight is having an effect on the country's economy as tourist turned their backs
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the damage is reported to be over a billion dollars. and it's fifty eight years since the death of joseph stalin and the decades on his legacy still divides opinion counts of personality rather himself but not everyone was convinced of the nation's future and then he went from war hero cheap labor camp prisoner or the old soviet. army back with another update from fifty years and on the meantime not in andrews as promised takes around the russian capital show you some of the glitz and glam that moscow has to offer.
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hello and welcome to the shire now where she's above all types of jewelry for centuries so join me as we take a look at the ground that exquisite so icing is off that sols to local workshops and the latest content decide just how we begin this week's program one of the oldest working to a factory's yeah in russia. it's easy to see why russians love jewelry across friendship goes back over a thousand years and with precious stone a metal mind scattered throughout the vastness of russia a number of cities have thrived from this highly profitable industry this company's one of the most famous in the capital from winning brands embrace that some necklaces and earrings it has a rich tradition of making high quality pieces a very school raids and standards now. with various incomes. it's not a v.i.p. store or a boutique it's a place to shop for any customer the prices start from less than a thousand roubles and there is no upper limit.
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i've been asked to create a ring from scratch the company prize themselves in creating one of a kind pieces and occasion first my diamond is check several times for continuity in cost carty it's paula but you live for us fills the boxes of assessing to ensure that the gems fit perfectly i'll show case as much as possible when the show has been set the rain goes in for its final buffing and i wish it was the ring shines and sparkles it's then since the colors in control seem bent said. the cleaning treatments for extras and the final steamy. and now it's time to pick up viral. it's the. wow take a look. absolutely exquisite the last of the cross well. let's just say it was miley for hoods so i need to do that by somebody to give it
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to. pausing to take a look at this weeks and steaming these various exhibitions of can reassure consumers from sometimes near and in many of them you can not only think your eyes but also by us are pieces recently and they are fashion jewelry was going on as a private collections from around the world offering their precious collections often to each accessories but he was his compassions a pinch designer brochure earrings without burning a hole in that ok it's just prices started going to three hundred roubles is about ten dollars. and the famous french leader cabaret has come to the russian capital for the first time in its sixty fifth anniversary year it goes through don's company from the show will be from a series of shows in march and moscow's crocus city all which you insist we treated some of the best highlights from the lido dog show over two hundred colorful
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costumes and bright impressive scenery should delight the audience is the venue will be transformed to recreate the atmosphere of the french lido and the sensuality of paris and quite. a large department store in eastern your a visual feast for any shopaholic. just like bonnie's in new york also a self which is among the department stores soon here is the it's me they must dozens of international jewelry designers sell that ghastly. it's fair and especially among the russian elites it's one of the most the most places to buy jewelry in the russian capital and more often than not you will have to pay more for the privilege the prices will be not high here but they are in the ritual country and outside in the city of extremes that is most scary that doesn't generally seem to stop many wealthy russians jumping at the chance to buy the latest must shiny accessory. design is
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a con ring to sell the goods in moscow popular names like tastefully boogaard a consequence and you'll sell the latest collections here. they stand side by side with new less well known for design is now for their outstanding fresh and exceptional designs. moving through across the river from the kremlin with the rise of the headquarters of a famous jewel is from beyond sales to goldie hawn designer allan your mark is clear it's a glittering diamond studded accessories many hollywood stars and it is just from around the world thank you so much for your time. it's the world of jewelry design and it. is because. it does because. a little later you can see in the will we'll mostly in fashion. near confession tell me about the amazing rings that you're wearing he spends the night i tell it is he'll of a year and it's. sad because i love big still because don't
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give energy and is the guest on as more adventurous as my luck and a evil you'll get from that school. and what's what kinds of jewelry to russians like you think eloquently have a lot of collectors. and. they collect eligibility for example atheist and kids if anything with. a muscle to slather the. is if it's this is an occasion you know so i can tell you volatility is a like the leg every cent look is beautiful. and to just give them emotion and they said it is something made with love. because it's make transfer of love. and the little lady alice lent or like like it's already the courses have been plowed i'm final question there is a famous phrase diamonds are
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a girl's best friend is this true still in the small ability. because of the one person class and we haven't i think that in some of the unpleasant stories and most of them hasn't faded. when full results in the legendary but you know time inc of the called your is your work around the world into so make and. looking at things jewelry in russia i mean from this the response exhibition you can visit here located in the kremlin's armory chamber in represents the inspiring collection of gems nuggets and jewelry from several centuries. by piece of the greats in the seventeen hundreds the collection is vastly increased through the range and says elizabeth and catherine the great highlights of the collection of the staggeringly large gems and historic grounds.
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the world famous collection of exquisite eggs created. eight hundred eighty five in one hundred seventy a symbol of the splendor wealth of the imperial house in pre-revolutionary russia. it is known the seventy one such exit the maze fifty four of them created for the world family faberge eggs can be seen in several museums including the only chamber in the kremlin others are in private collections around the world. if you want not just to feast your eyes but also. treat yourself to a sparkling sicily there are some places you should visit. is a highly successful concession inside the largest heard in chain solar cells international sonic on and continually objects and punching jewelry as an audit office collections by authors from around the world focusing on how may be one of a kind pieces of news in a format techniques here the selection changes from season to season as in design
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occurs but a scarcity comes with a price tag. for those kinds of mass market want how late and affordable jewelry and finally in russian banks young enthusiastic people buy time management has created an online store a fancy jewelry mostly made of silver and sunny precious stones she brings many of these pieces from israel where she fishes out of gems and markets may jewish shops in jerusalem and tel aviv. whether it's time sewing or piercing alternative person joey has changed dramatically over the past twenty years a revolution in style was still influenced in russia has changed how people live dress act and behave i'm here in a private clinic to see a new interesting way some muscovites are expressing themselves. i'll move into a final location to jury yes you have your right teacher or it is the latest trend
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in sets or in hans your smile you'll look like a star with a temporary crystals or diamonds or result as a last up to you. assuming these jewelry does not damage your teeth a tool you can have the stones for a long time and there are no side effects and just to think for a plan the stone for a better sense and then a mill isn't home to him. the cost of having a jewel placed on your tooth ranges from two. thousands of five thousand rubles that's around seventy to one hundred seventy dollars using the same u.v. lights the bones white fillings together you can brush your teeth is normal and you can expect the stones replace for several months. with brushes sparking history regarding jewelry from buying his forefathers or aig salacious founded on the. people consciously want to twinkly expression of their own identity and expensive
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diamond rings and antique silver bracelets aside now hollywood smiles can enter another level now housecats standing out from the crowd. we have it well what you take not everyone's cup of tea but fortunately it is just temporary wall that's all that's how my house this week spread of one jewelry here in the us in capital i'll see you go the same time next week so until then for me and the rest betrayed by. that that has become more and more is to me of creation of the group of
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that system the global food system is not created to feed the people of the world is created to maximize the profits. journal trading the actual cash physical grain your trading promises for grain to be delivered a month or six months or twelve months or eighteen months in the future. for using the body regulate silver or gold that can be negotiated ordered to some degree. place. water. possibly it's not traded now. but it could be in the future of. this. piece. and the media radium into an intensive number both of our vehicles is sprayed into the.
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most dangerous. radiation that exists in the nature. of a car in the vicinity of known differentiated so produce is so much changes including pantsuit leukemia. out of the immune system. you don't have to have a college degree. in education to understand. radioactive materials all over something that you've got a problem. wealthy british style science holds. markets find. out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to watch.
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stories this hour fresh battles erupts in libya pushes ahead to regain power in the country. have been but with a sinister hidden agenda. meanwhile british troops are on standby and u.s. forces a calendar across the mediterranean. mixed emotions in egypt some celebrate their newfound freedom while others remain on the streets demanding more of their ongoing fight is having an effect on the country's economy is towards turned their backs that which is reportedly over put into office. it's fifty eight years since the death of joseph stalin and that decades on his legacy still divides opinion he
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created a cult of personality around himself but not everyone was convinced that the relation we speak for a man who went from war hero to a labor camp prisoner on the order of service. well the ramones here with the very latest from the world of sports stay with us for that. hello and welcome to sport an r.c. bringing you the latest from rushing around the world with me ramon cost of let's take a look at our top stories in. head full of steam the look of much heat completely demolished in a men's team game seven of the western conference quarter clyne also moving on to the second round of the garden called playoffs. sather inhospitality says from moscow and city st petersburg travels across the dark second sets through russian football super cup. net loss to russia battle the davis cup courtesy of
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sweden spain meanwhile become the first country to progress to the quarter finals of the team competition. so i saw a key and the cage fell first where western conference leaders local muncie demolished in a minsk in the deciding game of their best of seven series that the russians were hoping for an upset in europe's level but ended up conceding six goals in the do or die encounter the home side were told from the very start storming out to sunil lead after just six minutes of action and the visitors seem to be caught even more off guard in the third period when looking much even blasted for goals past the amount of the regular season the runners up finding their form when they matter the most and that's not my outfit from riga is now up next for the railway men in the conference sami's. moving on to friday's action where occasional new comers you grow were unable to salvage their maiden season and then from kaante mind ceased failing to extend their debut past the opening round playoffs losing their best of
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seven series to metzeler the men from up here for skin closing in on the road moving into the second round with a confident four one win away from home and while the regular season champions haven't gorka side their series with nifty he makes the almost team with a difficult win in game six on the road post in it sixteen a call to. sure and i'm going to the sound of metal plates in the opening period it's a blessing called levels the album dark for the person rebound there make it one all button it's a gimmick hold the head minutes later display once again playing for men i didn't say see i told her to sing some driven skills to put down her dog see one of them for going nuts because a night fell upon the period so before. the series is now tied at three apiece and all pressure is on the underdogs after that things go back to arms for sunday's decisive game seven.
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russian football fans are awaiting the start of the prolonged russian premier league season city that will keep things off in the super cop in the first of their four clash a schedule this year even takes a look at that seems as they prepare for a long journey in a kind of their transition year. russia's top two clubs will be battling krasnodar on sunday two thousand and ten season cup winners a need for face and plenty of injury concerns manager luciano spill any only has fifteen players to choose from for the upcoming count of the strikers alexandre cares a coffin alexandre bahar of are still not fit to play midfield of lager the straw off will be out for at least six months after blowing out his knees in a russian cup match against on g. the st petersburg powerhouse will try to repeat their domestic success was that the army men faced similar line of problems zoran toss the sec all the same are guns out as and sheedy only ever been ruled out of the southern clash comment. is
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welcoming back eagle rock and fish and the number one position the team russia goalkeeper fully recovered from the days need the muscovites are looking for their fifth super cup title you need have won the trophy and. the teams appear even the men and both would like nothing better than to start the russian season by lifting another piece of hardware however both clubs are still on their way to reach in top form as a need and says scott are also through to the europa league last thirty two after victories against young boys and pollock respectively they'll be taking on twenty and paul two in the upcoming round so two of russia's best teams getting into gear ahead of next needs premier league season opener while continental challenges. yvonne's of course the key. in the english premier league arsenal only managed a draw against sunderland at the emirates and no goals in that match while quite
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a few flew in the rest of saturday's games and let's have a look at some place said premier league fixtures the west brom's if you did birmingham city away in the early game three one day and insults were super full on to help keep this thing blank verse three to mid table ever since if you did newcastle on the roads who won twice and scored three unanswered goals against stoke city while aston villa could hold on to their two one lead that paulson and additional loss of the match three to manchester city hosted rock bottom wigan and the match ended in favor of the home team thanks to a goal by deciding silva majesty united flay on sunday to follow chelsea will take on blackpool to be only a match on monday. moving on to tennis and the day to scott last sixteen words out will sides were held across the globe on saturday some countries have bills and unassailable lead while others are having a more evenly matched battle kazakhstan's under a goal of it then you can went down to a highly rated czech republic pair of burdick and look as loopy to ones of the
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czechs after that latest doubles match austria of turning things around after being down to nail against france top ten player you're going to meltzer to meet up with a veteran judah noll to pull one back spain became the first team through the last eight after contributions from world number one run on the salinger and on the verge asco in particular reigning champion serbia has had suffered than expected first against india so for holders meeting two one in that encounter living on russia meanwhile will be borrowing out early after falling into a rail hole against sweden you get clinics in and the need to do this with unable to save the day in the doubles with simone asking and robert lynch that ensued ensuring the swedes go through and early on argentina followed spain into the next round as they raced to the lead over rumania germany and the united states also to what i'll call in their matches. now the n.b.a. has truly gone global. as that's her all her rap stars and new jersey nets went head to head in london england on friday night the nets won the first of their
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meetings and sing a six national losing streak in front of the british crowd at the sold out bank quite a few familiar faces in the stands as well including chelsea striker didier drogba and this is the first ever and be a regular season game played outside the us with what's a come with a new future as the nets point guard there on williams believes. i thought it was great you know i thought this was a great trip i thought it was a. you know these games are great for gold basketball great for the n.b.a. in. the crowd and i was great you know they cheer for both teams you know pretty equally you know when we both teams you know there's some good out there like that and you know hopefully this is just the start of many many more games. lindsey vonn has clenched her second world cup title of the season after finishing second behind on your prior son in the downhill discipline this week meanwhile moving up to fourth on the old time when this with world cup victory number forty eight suit
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then merican had won the super combined side on friday and refused to wrestle hold the rules in the examiner event over old world cup leader maria reach try to steal its reproach her best friend but the german finished on the six miles it was left without a podium spot on the day after off friendly lisbon gurgled the slovenian for third place so i think story victory for sweet tiresome and the fourth consecutive downhill title for a limp big gold medalist lindsey vonn. but as dive into the world of powerball it's now where jay price was able to navigate the cars how water securing the top spot of the season opener in doha the american earning the maximum twenty points as he watched pole star a sam he said he experienced technical problems rating champion setio was making the most out of his first place start holding the lead for twenty nine of the thirty five laps but disaster struck just as the fed was preparing to cross the finish line is vessel suffering and engine failure a prize benefiting the most from the fence misfortune cost to the finishing atop
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the podium his teammate alex correll ran it off a perfect day for the team by finishing second francis to be to chop a securing the last podium spots and the next race takes place on may twenty second in portugal. artsy sport news invest in a movie oh you should see how also ahead there for our exclusive material i'll be back though with another opposite in a couple of hours thanks for staying with our state.
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they feasted this is not a provocation but warn. the forces that he should step what you should it's a pretty trees because they have no idea about the hardships to face.
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plate one it's the says it is one of them to listen. for in the army the life of a usaf is the most precious thing in the world. is of self-sacrifice and heroism of those who understand it fully you have to live a. real life stories from world war. two true nineteen forty five don't come.


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